Organization overview

Book Bird Nepal is a non-profit social organization established in March 19, 2017 registered in District Administration Office, Kathmandu as per Organization Registration Act, 1977. It is formed by the members coming from different walks of life including educationists, social workers, artists, litterateurs, businessmen and other professionals. It consists of members who have made special contribution to the nation, and it is patroned by an advisory board consisting of international personalities. It aims to establish sisterly relationships with international organizations having similar objectives and collaborates with them in different promotional activities for arts, literature, culture and language.

Language, literature, art and culture constitute an integral part of human civilization. All sections of population need to be reached out through application of all these instruments. Literature stands out as one of the powerful medium for disseminating lofty ideals and humanitarian values among peoples in the world. Apart from it, children’s literature contributes towards developing understanding and enhancing friendship among young people at national as well as at international levels. Children’s songs are considered to be a powerful means in raising awareness among them. Information technology has, undoubtedly, contributed to bringing people closer. Literature can be instrumental in promoting universal brotherhood and it, if translated when the situation calls for it in order to increase readership, will go a long way in consolidating it. As birds fly from the top of one hill to that of another hill, creative works transcend the national borders and reach out the peoples of the world as a whole. Recognizing this need of the hour, Book Bird Nepal has been established with the objective of supporting the promotion of literature, art and culture as well as serving the newly emerging needs of the people in Nepal.


Main Objectives of the Book Bird Nepal

  • Promote Nepali language, literature, culture and arts
  • Render literary books in Nepali to other languages in order to make its presence felt in the world literature
  • Establish linkages between the children’s literature in Nepali and that in other languages
  • Reach out world platform by disseminating creative works in Nepali through different media
  • Render renowned literary works and children’s literature of other languages into Nepali
  • Establish cordial relationship with literary organizations of friendly countries and make arrangements for exchanging literary works and promoting friendship
  • Organize national and international seminars, conferences and symposia
  • Make institutional contributions through language, literature, art and culture to pro mote tourism in the country

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We thought a lot before choosing the bookbird Ngo because we wanted to sure our investment would yield results.

Karun Thapa
Chairman, Bluewater Corp